Eagles To Offer Fans Comedy And Cooking Shows With ‘Eagles Entertainment’ Studio

The Philadelphia Eagles don’t want to just be a football team. They want to be a “global and progressive sports entertainment brand.” To make that grand plan a reality, the team’s launching an original content studio called Eagles Entertainment that will see the franchise spread its wings into comedy, cooking shows, and human interest documentaries about fans.  Comedy? Cooking shows? Tough-as-nails Eagles legends like Reggie White, Chuck “Concrete Charlie” Bednarik or Buddy Ryan might shake their heads. But times are changing. […]

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NWHL Signs Live Streaming Deal With Twitch

The National Women’s Hockey League has signed a three-year exclusive live-streaming partnership with Twitch. The deal will bring all of the NWHL’s games and programming to the platform, which will be available for free globally on any device that can access Twitch. The NWHL has also launched a Twitch account. The deal will start alongside the NWHL’s 2019-2020 season, which is set to begin on October 5. The league said that not only will games appear on Twitch, but so […]

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AB NFL beers

NFL Beers Highlight New Approach to Anheuser-Busch Sports Marketing

The next generation of Anheuser-Busch sports marketing is descending upon the industry, including several NFL beers to kick off the season.  While Bud Light isn’t going anywhere, the beverage behemoth is increasingly branching into new territory, particularly with its craft beer brands, highlighted by five collaborations between the company’s craft breweries and NFL teams. This also comes along with the company’s hard seltzer brand Bon & Viv’s NFL partnership.  “For years, all they had to do was put Bud Light […]

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Bon & Viv hard seltzer

Hard Seltzer Makes Its Way Into Tailgates with NFL Partnership

The hype around hard seltzer has made it ubiquitous in bars and at parties across the U.S. in 2019. Now, that is transitioning into the sports world. In August, Bon & Viv became the official hard seltzer of the NFL, the first of the big five North American professional leagues to sign a deal in the category. The move comes following the brand’s Super Bowl commercial in February, as parent company AB InBev continues to establish Bon & Viv in […]

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Barstool New Amsterdam

Pink Whitney Has Barstool Excited About Its Position As A ‘Modern Marvel’

The Spittin’ Chiclets New Amsterdam Pink Whitney vodka isn’t slated to hit the market until September 1, but a few stores in Minnesota let it go early and created plenty of buzz. According to a representative from MGM Wine & Spirits in Mankato, Minnesota, the store sold more than 200 bottles in three days after posting about its arrival on social media. The store also ordered more than 100 12-pack cases and expects those to move quickly as well.  The […]

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Will Tony Romo Become Biggest Free Agent in TV Sports History?

Tony Romo of CBS Sports could potentially become the most sought-after free agent in sports TV history. With the new 2019 NFL season a week away, talks on a contract extension between Romo and CBS have stalled with little progress, said sources.  Romo’s original three-year deal with CBS expires after this season. That’s raising the possibility Romo will table negotiations to avoid distractions, play out his rookie contract, then hit the open market in 2020. During CBS’ NFL preview day, […]

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Tennis’s Next Big Star? Call Her Coco

While most 15-year-olds are getting ready to go back to school, Coco Gauff is busy with something else: grabbing the tennis world’s attention. With the 2019 US Open beginning on August 26, the Delray Beach, Fla., native expects to be a premier attraction – both on and off the court. For fans, they can catch Gauff’s US Open debut on August 27, when she faces off against 18-year-old Russian Anastasia Potapova on Louis Armstrong Stadium.  The center-stage treatment that the […]

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Allegiant Marketing Strategy

Allegiant Takes ‘Aggressive’ Step With Raiders Stadium Deal

As the ninth-largest commercial airline in the U.S., discount airline Allegiant might not be first in mind for ticket buyers, or for sports sponsorships.  But the company took many by surprise when it was announced that Allegiant would be the naming rights partner for the new $1.8 billion stadium being built in Las Vegas that will house the Oakland Raiders when the team relocates from Oakland ahead of the 2020 NFL season. Even Allegiant executives admit it was an aggressive […]

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Has Sports’ Social Media Snark Gone Too Far?

Social media has provided teams and properties something they’ve never had before – the ability to give their brand a voice. That has been a boon for teams, helping them connect with existing fans in new ways, as well as draw in new followers. However, as all properties look to make that voice a distinct one that sticks out from the crowd as well as avoiding coming across as too corporate or unrelatable, some have hit snags, especially when it […]

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Inter Miami Building Front Office With Miami In Mind

Jorge Mas is very clear about the collective goal is for Inter Miami CF when it launches in MLS next season. “Our vision for our franchise is that it becomes MLS’s global brand,” said Mas, the Miami-born businessman who is the managing owner and CEO of the club. “We’re different and we’re here to change the game – we’re not here to do things that are status quo.” While it has been a slow build towards MLS dating back to […]

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